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The Surprising SECRET Middle Aged Men are Using to Improve Their Confidence


Hey guys, one of the questions I get asked the most by middle aged men is “how do I improve my self confidence when dating?”. I’m petty sure we can all relate to this one as most men experience a lack of confidence at this point in their life (I used to be this way too!).

Now, I’ve written on this topic a lot over the years but I have ONE BIG CONFESSION to make… For the past few months, I’ve been keeping one SECRET to myself that has been an ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER for my dating life and self confidence…

If you’re like me, and you’re a middle aged guy who’s recently become single or simply hasn’t been lucky enough to find a partner, dating in this modern era can be damn right INTIMIDATING and DAUNTING.

Not only do we have to get used to the new ways of dating with technology, but we simply don’t feel our best version of our self with our aging bodies… it’s really shattering to the ego and can be PARALYZING when trying to date and get yourself back out there!

Trust me, YOU’RE NOT ALONE – I felt just like you!!!

My friend from Australia sent me a link to this new underwear that has seriously BLOWN ME away!

On face value, I was pretty sceptical… I mean, what could make this underwear so special?

It’s just underwear right? WRONG. This is the most amazing underwear I have ever worn! I’ll tell you why…

Benefit 1 – Front Lift

Now most underwear looks the same in appearance… but this underwear does something that I have NEVER SEEN before! Every piece of underwear I have ever worn usually just flattens my package and presses my jewels against my pelvic area… I’m sure that if you check the underwear you’re wearing right now, it’s doing the same thing! This is very normal but it shouldn’t be!

This new underwear has been designed with a 3D pouch area that actually works with your natural body shape and lifts your package to make it proud and prominent – the way it should be! Not only is it great for my ego but it’s actually also healthier for our jewels to have more room to breath. You can see the underwear here.


Benefit 2 – Rear Tone

If you’re like me, we show some of our years in our rear 🙁 As embarrassing as it is, as we get older… our bums seem to get saggier and they simply aren’t as tight or firm as they used to be. This was something I was super conscious about. Not only did it affect how I looked in underwear, it affected how i looked in any pants! This was a BIG HIT to my EGO for years as I was conscious about it on dates, at the supermarket, everywhere!This new underwear has used the latest design and shaping technology to support and tone your ass by simply putting it on (without wearing any of that tacky and embarrassing shapewear). One of my favorite features is that there is absolutely no rear stitching which means no annoying seams and a very nice tailored fit. Does the pair you have on right now have a rear seam? If so, you’re missing out on serious comfort!


Benefit 3 – New Length

For most of my life, I’ve worn briefs. I mean, it’s all I was ever used to. In the last few years I have been wearing the longer style boxers as they felt more supportive. This new underwear is a trunk which I was unsure of as it was somewhere in between the two in length. Trying them on… again I was so surprised by how comfortable they are. The shorter length actually works and I have been complimented by my new partner on how much they prefer it which was an even bigger surprise. DOUBLE WIN!

Sizing wise, I did find them slightly smaller fit then I am used to so I would recommend getting one size up and double checking their size guide to be safe.

These 3 features absolutely changed my underwear game and every day life game! It may sound crazy… but this underwear has made a huge difference to how I view my body with or without clothes on. So now, I feel confident in my favorite jeans and even more confident when I need to take them off 😉

I rarely brag about a product but it was time that I let the secret out… so that every one of my readers can get the same self confidence I now experience every day. Putting one of these babies on and I instantly feel more manly and confident!

P.s. They also have some very nice quantity discounts and free shipping worldwide when you order over $50! I ordered 14 and got 30% off! 🙂

You can shop online directly at their website here:

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