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17 Secrets of Genuinely Happy People

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Happiness is a choice each one of us can make each day, and there are some people who do a better job at being happy than others. What’s behind their upbeat outlook? Here are 17 things that we can learn from them.

1.      There will be bad days, and that’s okay

Just like everyone else, even the happiest people are not happy all the time. What sets them apart is that they’ve learned to accept moments of sadness with serenity and grace. This makes them appreciate joyous occasions even more.  

2.      Learning to say “No” doesn’t make them a bad person

It may seem like an easy thing to do, but saying “No” can be challenging for many people. Happy people know that they can’t please everyone, and that they can take care of their loved ones better if they think of their well-being first.

Saying “Yes” to everything asked of you leads to stress, anxiety, and resentment. Like happy people, learn to set limits on what you would do for other people to have the time and energy to focus on pursuits that really matter to you.

3.      The road to happiness isn’t smooth or easy

Friends and acquaintances envy happy people and think that reaching that state has been a walk in the park. But they’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. Happy people have been knocked down by trials and have picked up the pieces far more times than they could count.  They know what it’s like to hit rock bottom, but instead of nurturing a defeatist mindset, they see it as a chance to start with a clean slate.  For happy people, each experience is an opportunity to strengthen their character and to keep on fighting until they’ve reached their goal.

4.      They’ve accepted who they are, and who they’re not

They may not be lean enough to grace the cover of a fashion magazine, or might not have the athletic ability to make it to a sports team, and that’s perfectly fine. Happy people have come to terms with who they are and have realised that there’s no such thing as perfection. Besides, happy people know that what they consider as “quirks” may be traits other people find unique and interesting, so they champion their individuality.

Moreover, happy people embrace the fact that everyone is different, and celebrate diversity. For them, the world will be a boring, lifeless place if we were all the same.

5.      They spare themselves from unnecessary stress

Traffic. A teenager dyeing his hair in a garish shade. A restaurant dish a tad too salty. Happy people have learned not to sweat the small stuff by asking themselves: “Will it matter years from now?” If it won’t, then they simply let the situation go and just focus on more pressing issues. They find a creative outlet to release the tension in their lives and move along as quickly as they can.

6.      They lead an active lifestyle

Have you ever felt an overwhelming sense of exhilaration after a good workout? That’s because exercise releases endorphins in the body, which simply put, are hormones that make you feel amazing. Whether it’s running outdoors or an intense CrossFit session in the gym, happy people exercise regularly not only because it makes them look good; it makes them feel great as well.

7.      They know what they’re worth

Happy people don’t equate their self-worth with material acquisitions; they don’t need to keep up with the latest trends just to feel that they’ve “made it”. When it comes to their personal relationships, happy people have that “take me as I am” attitude. They’ve stopped chasing people who will accept them only if they conform to certain standards. Happy people know that they are enough, just as they are.   

8.      They refuse to judge others

Happy people know that each person has a different life journey. Thus, they refuse to judge on the basis of initial impressions. Or they simply refuse to judge, period. Thinking about how other people are living their life takes a lot of time and effort, and happy people would rather spend that time doing something more productive and uplifting.

9.      They can see things from a different point of view

Inventor Thomas Alva Edison has once said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Happy people know that there are different ways to approach a challenging situation; it’s all a matter of perspective.

10.  They haven’t lost their sense of wonder

Happy people are still children at heart. They’ve kept their keen sense of curiosity, playfulness, and lightheartedness amidst a world that’s demanding them to be serious all the time.  No wonder happy people are a joy to be around.

11.  They take risks, and face their fears head-on

Happy people don’t like “what ifs” and “could have beens”. They do not let fear paralyse them into inaction. Yes, navigating unfamiliar territory is scary, but the thrill of experiencing  the exciting and rewarding things that life has to offer outweighs whatever doubt and hesitation they may have.  Happy people are driven to expand their horizons, to learn more about who they are, and to reach their full potential.

12.  They don’t dwell on past hurts

Happy people don’t bear grudges; it may have taken them a while, but they have graciously let go of the pain they’ve experienced and have moved on with their lives. Happy people know that emotional baggage will weigh them down and hinder them from living a life that’s filled with love and light.

13.   They pay it forward

Happy people generously share their skills and knowledge so that others may reach their full potential. They are genuinely thrilled to see others succeed and do what they can to provide support and encouragement.

14.   They find humour in everyday situations

It’s not that they don’t take things seriously. Happy people make it a point to look at the brighter side of life. They know that laughter is a soothing balm to the foulest of moods and the saddest of spirits.

15.   They remain true to themselves

Happy people know what they want and refuse to be talked into situations they know they wouldn’t be comfortable in, even if it means gaining the approval of others.

16.   They’re not afraid to ask for help

Happy people know that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. They see it as a chance to get another take on how to handle a situation and an opportunity to share the load with others. Embracing who they are means they might not have the answers or the strength to face life’s challenges by themselves all the time.  A helping hand or a word of advice is considered a blessing.

17.   They’ve learned to enjoy the ride

Happy people accept life for what it is, with all its highs and lows and ups and downs. Whatever life throws at them, happy people wake up each day thankful that they are experiencing this beautiful journey and they would not have it any other way.

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